Fast and Effective Pickbuster®

When it comes to improving your door security, MAX6MUM has you covered with the inexpensive and fast solution… the Pickbuster. Today one of the most popular ways to break into a home in the United States is by ‘lock bumping’.  Hardware stores and the web are have multiple door accessories and intricate systems that are supposed to make your doors more secure. These solutions can be both expensive as well as bordering on being a DIY home project! Save yourself the expense and trouble – use Pickbuster!  In a few minutes and a couple easy steps, Pickbuster can help prevent forced entry.

Fast and untraceable, ‘Lock bumping’ is by far one of the most popular methods to breaking into homes. By using an adapted key that is placed in any cylinder lock, then pulled back one click or notch, and then struck firmly with a heavy object, the lock is bumped and tricked into unlocking. Since there is very little (if any) visible signs on the lock itself and virtually no trace of picking or breaking in, insurance companies will try and avoid paying your claim as there is no proof that your home has been broken int! Police cannot find forensics around the door or lock, especially if the burglars used gloves, and the lock isn’t damaged in any way. It basically looks as if you had left your door opened accidentally. In the end you are not only robbed of your belongings but of the right to get reimbursement from your insurance company.

The effective and easy to apply Pickbuster from MAX6MUM is one of its kind and a perfect choice for a quick boost in home security. It is made to fit any narrow lock and takes only seconds to apply. In the package you will receive enough Pickbuster solution to secure up to five locks around the home and each application lasts up to 2 years. All you have to do is squeeze a satchel of the solution in the lock, allow the contents to set, and your lock is safer than ever!

  • Specially designed to fit into any narrow lock.
  • The affordable upgrade for your locks. Don’t spend multiple times the price for ugly hardware solutions!
  • Enough solution per pack to do a minimum of 5 locks.
  • Easy to use and installed in seconds.
  • Each application lasts for 2 years!

Installing Pickbuster is very easy using four simple steps to make your locks bump resistant.

STEP 1: Open your Pickbuster pack.


STEP 2: Remove a single Pickbuster sachet.


STEP 3: Cut off the application end of the sachet.


STEP 4: Slowly squeeze the contents of Pickbuster into the lock.


We recommend applying the solution in the evening after you are in for the evening to allow the solution to set fully overnight, though approximately four or five hours is more than enough.

Once applied, it needs to be left for around four to five hours so it can be absorbed by the mechanism. In the first few uses the solution may be left on your key after use. If this happens, simply wipe the solutuon off the key.