Welcome to MAX6MUM SECURITY! Our name stands for high quality window and door security at the most affordable prices on the market. Whether you are looking to help protect and secure your loved ones or simply add a bit of extra security to your home, MAX6MUM products can help! Our goal is to find effective and inexpensive solutions that give families and homeowners the opportunity to secure their home. So each of our products go through numerous tests to ensure quality, durability, and effectiveness. So you can install expensive, and often ugly, home window and door contraptions that do little to provide any real security or you can turn to MAX6MUM!

With MAX6MUM you do not have to spend a fortune to protect your family. 

MAX6MUM Lockable Window / Door Restrictors

You do all you can to babyproof and secure your home, however, there often lies a forgotten risk – an easily opened window or door. Even many new windows that have “child-proof” systems are easily beaten by a toddler. Suitable for any type of door or window and simple to install, this lockable window restrictor limits the opening of your window (or door) to 4 inches – enough to circulate air – but not enough for your child to get through. If you want to fully open your window, a simple half-turn of the key unlocks the restrictor!

MAX6MUM Fixed-end Window Restrictors

Based on the same proven formula as the lockable restrictor, the fixed end restrictor is the perfect solution for windows that do not need to ever be opened beyond a couple of inches. Since the fixed window restrictor cannot be unlocked, it cannot be used on fire escape windows. The fixed window restrictor is ideal for environments like hospitals, nurseries, schools, hotels etc.

Fast and Effective Pickbuster®

When it comes to improving your door security, MAX6MUM SECURITY has you covered with the inexpensive and fast solution… the Pickbuster. Today one of the most popular ways to break into a home in the United States is by ‘lock bumping’.  Hardware stores and the web are have multiple door accessories and intricate systems that are supposed to make your doors more secure, however if you are not ready for a DIY project, do not like how they make your door look, or simply do not want to spend a lot of money, the Pickbuster is for you!  In a few minutes and a couple easy steps, applying the Pickbuster to your home’s locks can help prevent forced entry.

A family owned business, MAX6MUM is dedicated to providing our customers security products to protect what is most important to them – their home and family. Our growing product line is designed to provide you with products that are not only high quality and low cost home but that look good and are easy to install.

Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on our products! We look forward to hearing from you!